Hayneville Telephone Staff Members - Great Employees make a Great Company

It has been said that great companies are made up of great people. And nowhere is that saying more appropriate than at Hayneville Telephone Company. Our employees are truly dedicated to serving you and meeting your specific needs. No matter the problem, if you think we could help you, contact us and let us try to answer your question or solve your problem. Below are the great people that continue to make this a great company!

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Hayneville Telephone Company, Inc. Officers & Directors
Howard S. Powell, III Howard S. Powell, III President smittyp@htcnet.net
Penelope P. Poitevint Penelope P. Poitevint Vice President htppp@htcnet.net
Evelyn P. Causey Evelyn P. Causey Chief Financial Officer ecausey@htcnet.net
Howard Powell, IV Howard S. Powell, IV Network Manager / Director hspowell@htcnet.net
Heather Daffin Heather Daffin Customer Service Rep / Director heatherj1@htcnet.net
Office Personnel
image Mason Halacker Director of Human Resources masonh@camelliacom.com
Gay Hargrove Gay Hargrove Business Office Manager htpwc@htcnet.net
Linda Lyon Linda H. Lyon Customer Service Rep htclinda@htcnet.net
Elexie Moorer Elexie Moorer Customer Service Rep elexie@htcnet.net
Carolyn Harrell Carolyn Harrell Customer Service Rep htccarolyn@htcnet.net
Beth Callis Beth Callis Company Accountant bethc@htcnet.net
Central Office Personnel
Justin Pouncey Justin Pouncey Central Office Manager jpouncey@htcnet.net
Camby Garner Camby Garner Mapping Coordinator cambygarner@htcnet.net
Outside Plant Personnel
Brenson Crenshaw Brenson Crenshaw Service/Repair Manager crenshaw@htcnet.net
Andy Gothard Andy Gothard Service/Repair Technician agothard@htcnet.net
Robert Jolley Robert Jolley Service/Repair Technician rjolley@htcnet.net
Telco Shop Personnel
Guy Wynn Guy Wynn Telco Shop Manager guywynn@htcnet.net
image Charley Rives Mechanic  
Watchdog Security
Chris Moore Chris Moore Certified Security Technician cmoore@camellia.com