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HTV Customer Service

In order to provide high quality service, our technicians must periodically test our HTV network. This may cause temporary loss of service. If your service is not working properly, contact Customer Service. If we are testing or there is an outage in your area, you will be informed when you call. If the problem is not being caused by maintenance, we should know immediately if there is a problem in your area. In either case, we will work as quickly as possible to restore service.

Sports Blackouts
Professional sporting events, both local and national, may be subject to blackouts per the league's broadcast rules. Due to these blackouts, not all programming and services will be available in all areas and programming may be subject to change.

"Adult at Home" Policy
HTV's policy is that our installers and technicians WILL NOT enter your home to perform any work if a responsible adult is not present. We realize this may cause an inconvenience for some of our customers, but we feel this policy is essential to protect both you and our employees.

HTV will repair and/or replace the equipment we use to provide your HTV service at no charge. If you are experiencing problems, contact Customer Service to schedule a service call. HTV does not repair personal equipment such as VCRs and televisions and is only responsible for bringing service to the input of such equipment. The equipment we provide to our subscribers is and shall remain the property of HTV and must be returned to HTV if service is discontinued for any reason, or if HTV wishes to exchange equipment. Failure to return equipment or damage of equipment may result in a charge being made against your account. HTV will replace or repair your equipment at no charge in the event of failure during normal use.

Communications, Bills and Refunds
HTV will provide its customers with a 30-day notice of any changes in programming services and rate adjustments. Monthly fees are payable in advance of each month's service and are payable until the date we receive notification to discontinue service. Bills are payable upon receipt and become delinquent on the next month's processing date. If we do not receive full payment for service, a late fee may be applied and service will be subject to interruption. If service is interrupted for non-payment electronically, the balance plus a restoration fee will be collected before service is restored. If service has been physically disconnected, reconnection will require full payment of the amount owed plus a reconnection charge. Advance payment of a deposit and the next month's service fee may also be required. You may request that your deposit be returned after one year of good payment record. If you believe your statement contains a billing error, please contact us within 30 days of receipt of the statement in question. We will respond to all billing inquiries within seven business days.

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