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HTV Set Top Box / DVR

The following information describes the functions of the set top boxes and remote controls used for your new HTV service. You may either have the AmiNet125 , Amino 130, or AmiNet530 unit.

AmiNet125, Amino 130, and AmiNet530 Set Top Box (STB)

The AmiNet125, Amino 130, and AmiNet530 set top boxes (STB) enable you to receive live TV and movies over your HTV service. You control all the functions of the set top boxes by using the Amino infra-red remote control in conjunction with on-screen menus provided by HTV.

Controlling TV
The set top boxes will typically allow you to choose what you want to view by keying in the channel number, stepping through the channels, or by selecting programs from an on-screen interactive program guide.

To Insert a Viewing Card
Do not insert or remove a viewing card until prompted by the on-screen display, or you may damage the card.

Insert the card fully into the slot on the front panel on the set top box with the gold colored pads facing down and away from you.

Getting Started
The set top boxes and their accessories are packed in a recyclable board and plastic package. Please keep all packaging in case you need to transport the unit at a later date. The set top boxes and are supplied with the following accessories:

  • Power supply
  • Video lead
  • 3 x AAA batteries for remote control
  • Amino remote control

Please contact Hayneville Telephone Company if any of these accessories are missing.

Connecting RF (VCR)

  • Unplug the cable coming from the antenna from the back of your VCR or TV and plug it into the RF antenna IN input of the set top box.
  • Connect the RF antenna OUT connector on the back of the set top box to the RF IN connector on the VCR or on the TV if you do not have a VCR, using a standard RF cable available from retail outlets.

Connecting Video
The set top boxes provide the following video outputs:

  • Component Video (Y, Pr, Pb), which gives the best picture quality.
  • RGB SCART is used primarily in Europe and provides equivalent quality to Component Video (add this word).
  • S-Video, which gives good picture quality.
  • Composite Video (CVBS), which gives standard picture quality.
  • RF, which gives the same quality as broadcast TV.

Use the highest quality connection available on your other equipment.

  • HTC / HTV will supply a SCART, Component Video or combined S-Video/Composite cable with your set top boxes. If your TV has different inputs from the lead supplied, please contact Hayneville Telephone Company for an alternative.
  • If your TV only provides an RF input the set top box will deliver a good picture on the appropriate TV channel, as selected on the set top box Setup screen. The RF connection also supplies the audio, so a separate audio connection is not required.

Connecting Audio
The set top box provides the following audio connections:

  • Left and right audio for stereo sound (on the AV output).
  • S/P DIF digital output for high quality surround sound when used with an external decoder and amplifier (not supplied).

If you are using the Component Video, S-Video, or Composite Video outputs you should connect the audio left and right connectors included in the lead to the TV or AV amplifier to provide sound.

If you have a separate AV surround sound amplifier with electrical S/P DIF input:

  • Connect the digital audio output from the set top box to a suitable digital audio input on the AV amplifier using a standard S/P DIF lead (not supplied) to allow you to listen to Dolby 5.1 surround sound or Windows Media Audio Pro when available.

Connecting to the Digital TV Network
The set top box can receive TV and movies from the digital TV network. HTV will have already installed a connection to this network.

  • Connect the digital TV network lead provided by HTV to the digital TV input on the set top box.

Connecting Power
The set top box is provided with a low voltage power supply.

  • Connect the power lead from the power supply to the power input of the set top box.
  • Connect the main power to your TV, video recorder, set top box power supply (using the supplied lead), and AV amplifier.