Now you can get the best in Home TV Entertainment with HTV!

HTV is the latest in digital TV technology and offers customizable TV entertainment so you can pick when, what and how you watch TV. And HTV gives you more options than ever before like HDTV, DVR, Parental Controls, Premium Movie Channels and hundreds of your favorite channels.

HTV Packages & Rates

Digital TV Packages Residential Business

*PLUS $6.95 Equipment Rental. All pricing for residential customers only.

Basic $24.95 $29.95
Standard $59.95 $64.95
Expanded $64.95 $69.95
Expanded +HD Package $64.95* $69.95*

Telephone & TV Bundles / TV & DSL Bundles

TV Bundles Monthly Rate
HTC Basic Plus TV
(Local Service Telephone, 5 Calling Features, Unlimited Long Distance & Expanded HTV)
HTC Essential Bundle
(1.5 MB DSL & Expanded HTV, no telephone service)
HTC Preferred Bundle
(3.0 MB DSL & Explanded HTV, no telephone service)
Add a Premium Channel at a Discount:
Showtime, Starz & Encore, HBO and Cinemax
Monthly Rate

*Prices do not include regulatory fees of $8.72 or $9.22 per month - whichever applies, plus mandatory taxes.

*Rental of a Set Top Box is not included in the above pricing. All pricing for residential customers only.

1 Premium Channel with Bundle: $16.99
2 Premium Channel with Bundle: $31.99
3 Premium Channel with Bundle: $44.99
4 Premium Channel with Bundle: $55.99