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Have a Need for Speed? Check out our DSL Service!!!

DSL, digital subscriber line, is a high speed, continuous connection to the Internet. Our Complete DSL Service includes your account and the DSL service. An additional cost not included in the installation fee is the cost of a compatible modem and/or Ethernet card if your computer was not purchased with one. The modem can be purchased from an outside source or purchased from our company over a 3-month interest free payment plan. Please call our support line at 548-6100.

Check with us for specials on free installation and free modems we occassionally offer on one year Internet contracts.

DSL Terms & Conditions

DSL Rates with Telephone Service
DSL Lite 512K
Residential $19.95
DSL 1.5Mbps
Residential $34.95
Business $46.95
DSL 3Mbps
Residential $46.95
Business $58.95
Stand-Alone DSL / No Telephone Service Included
Stand-Alone DSL 1.5 MEG $54.95*
Stand-Alone DSL Deluxe 3.0 MEG $65.95*
Stand-Alone 6 MEG DSL $86.95*
Stand-Alone 10 MEG DSL $106.95*
* Monthly service charge does not include $49.95 installation and modem charge.
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System Requirements

Pentium 133 or higher.
Power PC for Mac.

Operating System:
Windows NT 4.0 or higher; or Mac OS 8.0 or higher.

System Memory (RAM):
32MB or more of physical RAM.

Hard Disk space:
60MB Minimum available for Application, and Windows NT.

CD ROM Drive
Any Speed.

NT-Functioning Network Adapter; Windows 2000 or later, XP–Functioning Network Adapter or available USB Port.