HTC Business Broadband Service

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Hayneville Telephone’s business Broadband service offers reliable, high-speed internet plans to help your company thrive.

Camellia Symmetrical Internet

Connect More. Pay Less.

Our business services are customized to meet your needs.  We offer everything from a simple business broadband service to fiber enterprise services. Please contact our office at 334-548-2100 or email using the contact form to find the right solution for your business.

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Other Business Services

Voice & Security

Includes business voice (local, long distance, voice mail and calling features) and business security (monitoring).

Business Local & Long Distance

Hayneville Telephone’s advanced fiber-optic voice network provides reliable and crystal clear local and long distance phone service. We offer a variety of long distance plans to fit your needs. It’s free to switch and you can keep your phone number.  Simply fill out and submit the form to the right and a representative will be in touch to help you choose the best plan for you.

Calling Features & Voice Mail

Simplify your life with our Business Custom Calling Features that let you decide how you want to communicate. We offer a variety of calling features including Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Auto Call Back and more. Learn more about our Custom Calling Features below. Send us a note using the form to the right and let us now which Calling Features you’d like for your phone service.

Security Plans & Pricing

Basic Business Monitoring Security plans start at $39.95 per month. We offer customized security equipment packages to meet your needs. Please call 334-548-2101 for a customized business security solution.

Security Service Certification Number: AESBL 17-1167

Custom Calling Features

Call Waiting
Call Waiting alerts you with a beep during a telephone conversation that another call is waiting to be answered. It prevents missed calls. Callers will hear ringing on the line – not a busy signal. This feature provides many of the advantages of an additional line at a fraction of the cost.

Cancel Call Waiting
Cancel Call Waiting allows you to cancel Call Waiting before or during one telephone call. This feature prevents interruptions on important calls and long distance calls. Cancel Call Waiting also prevents data transmission errors caused by Call Waiting tones when using computer modems.

Three-Way Calling
Three-Way Calling allows you to add a third person to an existing telephone conversation bringing family and friends together. It also reduces the need for callbacks when trying to confirm plans and schedules.

Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding lets you transfer incoming calls to any telephone you can call directly. This feature reduces missed calls – calls can follow you wherever you go. It also eliminates waiting for important calls. Call Forwarding enhances home security when you are away from home.

Speed Calling
Speed Calling allows you to reach frequently called numbers (local and long distance) quickly by dialing only one or two digits. This feature eliminates the need to look up or remember telephone numbers. This saves time when dialing numbers, especially long distance numbers. Speed Calling also allows fast, accurate dialing of emergency numbers. Speed Calling is available in 8-number or 30-number capacities.

Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb allows you to prevent incoming calls from ringing in your home. Only callers who have your Personal Identification Number (PIN) can override the Do Not Disturb feature and ring your telephone. It prevents unwanted interruptions, particularly solicitation calls while still allowing important calls to come through. Selected callers (friends and relatives) can still reach you by dialing your PIN code. When Do Not Disturb feature is activated, callers will receive a busy signal or an announcement. At this time, callers who know your PIN may dial it and ring your telephone.

Ringmaster allows you to have up to three telephone numbers with unique ringing patterns (and unique Call Waiting tones if you have the Call Waiting feature). This feature allows you to determine for whom a call is intended (children’s number or parent’s number) or the type of call, whether the call is personal or business. This feature provides many of the advantages of additional lines, but at a fraction of the cost.

Auto Recall
Auto Recall returns a call to the last number that called you, even if you did not answer the call. If you are busy and can’t get to the phone, you won’t miss an important call.

Auto Callback
Auto Callback automatically redials the last number you dialed. This feature will automatically attempt to place the call every minute for half an hour. When the line becomes free, you will hear a special ring (short-short-long ring cycle). Then pick up the receiver and the number you were calling will ring.

Customer Originated Trace
Customer Originated Trace stops harassing calls. Customer Originated Trace allows you to initiate an automatic trace of the last call you received. Your Telephone Company Annoyance Call Center will automatically receive a message containing the phone number where the obscene or abusive call originated (if within the local service area), plus the time and date of the call. It is necessary, however, to call the Annoyance Call Center before the end of the next business day and report the date and time of the call to be investigated.

Distinctive Ringing
Distinctive Ringing screens incoming calls. You begin by making your list of up to four ‘selected’ numbers after accessing your Distinctive Ringing service. Your phone will signal you with a special ring (short-long-short ring cycle) when someone from your list is calling.

Selective Call Acceptance
Selective Call Acceptance allows the customer to select up to ten phone numbers from which calls are to be received. All other calls are routed to a recorded announcement that informs the caller that you do not wish to receive his call – you will not be bothered with any unwanted calls.

Selective Call Rejection
Selective Call Rejection allows you to block calls from up to ten numbers. You can either block selected numbers ahead of time or block repeat calls. In either case, the caller is rerouted to a recorded message and your phone does not ring.

Selective Call Forwarding
Selective Call Forwarding allows you to select another telephone number where calls are to be forwarded, and then limits the forwarded calls to just the numbers on your list.

Warm Lines
Warm Line Feature allows you to call a pre-designated number or emergency service by simply lifting the handset. Also, if you accidentally leave the phone off the hook, it will call a pre-designated number.

Caller ID Service
Several Caller ID Services are offered. Caller ID Service shows you the calling party’s name and number. Our advanced feature of Caller ID Name and Number will show you the information even when you are on the phone with another caller. This feature requires a Caller ID box that can be purchased from our office or any retail store.

Calling Number Delivery Blocking Per Call
Calling Number Delivery Blocking enables you to prevent your telephone number from being displayed on the Caller ID unit of the person you are calling. The feature is activated by dialing the Per Call Blocking code and must be activated on a per call basis every time you want your number blocked from display.

Toll Restrict With PIN
Toll Restrict with PIN is a feature where the customer is allowed to have long distance through the use of an access code or personal identification number. The PIN can be from 1 – 7 digits long and can be changed at any time by the customer.

Voice Mail
Voice Mail is an answering machine without the machine. This feature answers your telephone with a personalized greeting in your own voice. You can retrieve messages at any time, from anywhere, using only a touchtone telephone and your 4-digit passcode. Date and time of your messages is always available.

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